Mumtalakat 2016 Annual Report



Isa Al Khalifa

Senior Associate, Investments

Joining date 2016

“Mumtalakat has given me the privilege to work alongside a diversified group of professionals that have broadened my perspective of the work place.”

Aysha Abdulmalek

Manager, Legal Affairs

Joining date 2012

“Since I joined Mumtalakat in 2012, my exposure to various complex transactions has widened my experience both at a personal and professional level.”

Pramod Nambiar

Manager, Information Technology

Joining date 2007

“I joined Mumtalakat as an Associate in the Information Technology department back in 2007. Since then, my career journey has been a progressive path and I have learned quite a lot over the past 10 years. Today, Mumtalakat’s brand has grown and became a leader in the market where everyone is keen on joining such an organisation.”