Mumtalakat 2016 Annual Report

10 years
in the making



Our team

We work collaboratively as a team and build upon each other’s strengths to achieve our ultimate goal of generating sustainable wealth for Bahrain. We are drawn together by a unique culture that embraces our values of leadership, collaboration and transparency.

In 10 years, our team has grown to include over 85 employees in 2016, all of whom are based in Bahrain.

Everyone is equal at Mumtalakat. Today, women represent 46.4% of our total workforce and 50% of the management team.

Not only do we support gender parity, we also strongly believe in the role that youth play to the development of our organisation and national economic growth as a whole. 5.7% of our workforce is represented by youth talent today.

Our engagement with the community

Established to generate wealth for future generations to come, we believe that giving back to our community is part of our responsibility as citizens. It is a factor that contributes to the economic and social development of the Kingdom of Bahrain. In 2016 we supported various initiatives that made a positive impact to our economy. Our sponsorships included supporting the Bahrain International Garden Show, Invest in Bahrain forum, 9th King Hamad Trophy Golf Championship, Bahraini Women’s Day, and the Euromoney GCC Financial Forum.