Mumtalakat 2016 Annual Report

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The demand for technology solutions continues to grow and for this reason, our Information Technology (IT) team are always up to date with the latest trends and technologies that can support our organisation.

Our IT team collaborates within our organisation and provides support beyond Mumtalakat to our portfolio companies when needed. Our infrastructure support extends to hardware and core activities including backup and disaster recovery and application support.

Key milestones in 2016:

In 2016 we continued to support our subsidiaries. Most notably, we provided Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah), with support for their core system which was migrated to Oracle. The application covers the maintenance, property, lease, general ledger, payable, receivable and collections modules.

SharePoint implementation for Edamah was another key achievement, moving the entire organisation from a fileserver to a document management system with a robust, highly redundant infrastructure. It also published the service allowing all users to access this information securely from outside the organisation.

As a strong support function for Mumtalakat, we worked throughout the year to ensure all users in the company worked in a safe and stable environment with minimal risk.