Mumtalakat 2016 Annual Report

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We aim to build a world class team built on professionalism and creative talent to create a well governed and collaborative institution that will serve the people of Bahrain for many years to come. Today, with the efforts of our Human Resources and Administration(HR) department, the team that drives our company is made up of capable individuals from Bahrain and around the world.

Our HR is set up into two streams: Organisational performance and Human Resources, where the former is tasked to take a birds-eye view of the organisation and ensure goals are established and cascaded to each department and the latter further cascades goals to individuals and enables their achievement.

Key milestones in 2016:

In 2016 our HR team launched the Balanced Scorecard which is a strategic planning and management system designed to align business activities to the vision and strategy of Mumtalakat, improve internal and external communications within the organisation at different levels, and monitor organisational performance against strategic goals.

We believe that learning and development contributes to the growth of our employees and their potential. We spent approximately US $200,000 delivering 48 courses and professional qualifications to our staff. This is key in building our talents and expertise in our organisation.

We also look to do things together. Building teams isn’t just a formality; at Mumtalakat, it’s about fun too. During 2016, our teams engaged in different sports activities. Our bowling nights are renowned!

Community outreach is important for us as well. We organised a blood donation drive in cooperation with Salmaniya Medical Complex Blood Bank in which our staff and some of our portfolio companies took part.

At the same time, we facilitated open discussions with the Chief Executive Officer throughout the year that addressed different topics. This not only gives our staff an opportunity to present ideas and voice their opinions, but it also reinforces our employees’ commitment to our core values.